Uptown Community Democrats


A New Way of Doing Politics in Northern Manhattan

About Us

Who We Are


Uptown Community Democrats offers a political home to Northern Manhattan residents, where the ambitions, creativity, dreams, needs, and wants of the community will find expression, develop social cohesion, and translate into action for the greater good. 

Our Mission


The Club's mission is to nurture new leadership for Northern Manhattan, instill ethics and a sense of shared purpose in its members, and promote and support accountable, honest, and transparent political leadership for Northern Manhattan and New York. 

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Our Goals


  • To improve the quality of political representation of Northern Manhattan
  • To support and run candidates for elected office 
  • To work toward the education, freedom, happiness, health, wealth, and security of the people of Northern Manhattan



Members of the Uptown Community Democrats must:

> Live in the 71st or 72nd Assembly District and/or 7th Council District;

> Be an enrolled voter in the Democratic party, or be a non-citizen who 

   subscribes to the ideals of the Democratic party.

> Be at least 14 years old and subscribe to the goals and purposes set 

   forth in Article 2 of the By-Laws


Basic: $20

Sponsor: $50

Patron: $100

Senior/student/low-income: $10

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NY State Senator - Honorable Robert Jackson

From School Board President, where he walked 150 miles to Albany to bring attention to 

educational inequality, to serving for 12 years on the City Council, now our New York State 

Senator (Dist. 31). Robert Jackson takes on the tough fights for New Yorkers again and again… 

and never backs down.

President - Johanna Garcia

President of the CEC and long time UCD member, Johanna has proven time after time, 

her championship for Northern Manhattan constituents and the importance of local, 

civic action.

Vice Presidents

Andrea Kornbluth, Membership

Nicole Monegro, Public Affairs

George Espinal, Community Affairs

Dana Hockenbury, Fundraising


Jazmin del Valle


Angela Garces

Executive Members

Graham Ciraulo

Nobles Crawford

John Gallagher

Hope Kaye

Janet McDowell

Carole Mulligan

Bruce Robertson


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Annual Membership:

Basic: $20, Sponsor: $50

Patron: $100, Senior/student/low-income: $10

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